Squirrel Stories

It's the opposite of a swan song.

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Episode 20: I Liked It!

Storytellers: Katie Davis Will Johnson Alfredo Mena

The things we say and the things we do aren't always what they seem.

Episode 19: No Boner No Boner No Boner

Storytellers: Brian Michael Holder

While attempting to keep everything our raging hormones in check, and when just trying to get some wine from the drug store, that's when everything goes horribly, horribly wrong.

Episode 18: A Pissmass Carol

Storytellers: Tina Cisneros Erin Fox

The holidays mean school pageants and family time and drinking too much and peeing your pants.

Episode 17: Abraham Lincoln and a Taxidermied Giraffe

Storytellers: Sergio A. Garcia Kathryn Sturm

We all receive injuries from time to time, but typically those injuries aren't caused by cows or by U.S. presidents.

Episode 16: The Flesh Of The Redeemer

Storytellers: Karl Spaeth Aaron Tyree

Sometimes we're unintentionally racist, but this time we're unintentionally blasphemous.

Episode 15: Learning To Ride The Bus

Storytellers: Katie Davis Jason Hightower

Let's go to a new place. Let's learn a new thing. And let's do it the hard way.

Episode 14: Romping In The Bathroom

Storytellers: Claire Bryson Warren Harrison Eric Staiger Lora Staiger

Bathrooms and their stall doors. You know where this is going, don't you?

Episode 13: College Night ... And Drunk Jimmy

Storytellers: Katie Harten Miranda Leurk Dante Zannoni

Three bartenders, each sharing one of their many memorable evenings behind the bar.

Episode 12: Something Died Inside This Woman

Storytellers: Erin Fox Derek Vogel

Two classic bathroom stories -- one with mystery, the other with too much detail!

Episode 11: The Hated Stranger

Storytellers: Sean Brendan Garner

What do you do when you have only seconds to face your most hated enemy, a person you've never met?

Episode 10: Casual Racism

Storytellers: Will Johnson Lora Staiger

Walmarts, especially the one in Fort Mitchell (Kentucky), are hubs of uncomfortable oddities, but are they as uncomfortable as late-night bus rides in Seattle?

Episode 09: Drugs That Rhyme With Cocaine

Storytellers: Jacob Trevino Aaron Tyree

Drugs and alcohol can lead to being the worst friend ever. And it can be easier to relive those moments if they are told in the form of a children's book.

Episode 08: The Angriest Bagel On The Planet

Storytellers: Autumn Heisler Rome Ntukogu

Sometimes food causes problems (we already know this). Other times, it takes a little food to make everything okay.

Episode 07: Lawn Turds

Storytellers: Lora Staiger

Sometimes uncomfortable things happen when you rely on Taco Bell to fulfill your superstitions.

Episode 06: Night Diving

Storytellers: Kathryn Sturm

You never know what you might find when night diving in the British Virgin Islands.

Episode 05: How I Became Employee Of The Month At Arby's

Storytellers: Eric Staiger

Sometimes it takes dealing with a lot of shit to become Employee Of The Month at Arby's.

Episode 04: Shitting My Pants In Front Of My Students

Storytellers: Kelly White

When you have to go, but you're in charge of a group of children.

Episode 03: Worst Easter Ever

Storytellers: Hunter Chapman

Just your everyday Easter dinner, along with automatic rifles and horse saddle tug of war.

Episode 02: Ham

Storytellers: Lora Staiger

Find out what happens when my friend, Lora, as a child, hid a ham in an extra bedroom in her parent's new house.

Episode 01: Squirrels

Storytellers: Sean C Davis

I kick off this crazy adventure by telling you about the time I was assaulted by a squirrel.